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At Kerrie Blevins Consulting we understand your needs are unique. Our size allows us to be highly responsive, working with you to deliver a smart, strategic combination of services. Our track record speaks to KBC’s expertise in the areas of strategic planning, grantmaking and foundation management.


foundation management services

Clients rely on KBC for straightforward solutions to managing their foundations. Our team has expertise in all facets of foundation operations and completes ongoing training to provide the highest levels of service based on current best practices. The menu of management services can be tailored to meet your unique needs.

Grantmaking Strategy, Analysis & Monitoring: KBC works with you to create a philanthropic program that supports your vision and values. This begins with developing a grant strategy and setting grant priorities aligned with your goals. We help you identify effective grantee partners with tools such as research on community trends, grant guidelines, and well-crafted application procedures. Our deep analysis of potential grantees includes financial and programmatic analysis against nonprofit standards, interviews and site visits. We help you assess the impact of your grantmaking through monitoring and evaluation.

Grant Process Management & Compliance: Underlying effective grantmaking are efficient and comprehensive grants management systems. KBC ensures all grantmaking is compliant with the highest ethical standards and legal requirements, including federal and state reporting. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure a seamless grants management flow from application to grants analysis to grant selection and grant monitoring. KBC maintains accurate records of your grant activities.

Regulatory Compliance: KBC ensures your foundation is meeting its legal compliance and regulatory requirements, including tax filings, state and federal registrations, and accurate records of your board’s actions. One of our Client Advisory Partners provides experienced guidance on governance and regulation issues. KBC will coordinate with your attorney on specialized legal needs.

Financial Services & Bookkeeping: KBC will pay bills, prepare regular financial statements, and provide charitable distribution planning and cash management services. We will coordinate with your advisors in the preparation of your 990PF.

Records Management: At KBC, we use best practices to manage foundation records. Our cloud-based data management system provides enhanced security and greater operational efficiency for your foundation. You retain ownership of all data related to your foundation, while having the peace of mind that comes with secure local backups for cloud-based storage.

Communications & Community Relations: Private foundations operate in the public sphere with required transparency about their operations. KBC can help you develop a communication and community relations strategy that meets public trust requirements and aligns with your preferred role in the community. We can act as your liaison with grantees, grantseekers and other interested parties by being the point of contact for your philanthropy in the community. We support communications to various audiences through your website, social media or other forms of communication.

strategic advisory services

KBC has the depth of experience to guide foundations throughout their lifespan. Over the course of nearly three decades in nonprofit and foundation management, Kerrie Blevins has become a knowledge leader in strategic planning, philanthropy governance, program development and assessment. Our clients appreciate the flexibility to choose the service that best meets their needs, while still benefiting from KBC’s expert guidance.

Strategic planning: KBC can help your foundation set priorities, create strategic alignment, and tailor planning activities to address specific needs (such as succession planning, leadership transitions, major change in assets).

Leadership & governance support: KBC helps strengthen foundation boards through training and retreats, performance benchmarking and meeting support.

Grants program strategy: Kerrie has advised on the distribution of more than $80 million in charitable grants, ranging in size from $5,000 to $500,000 (involving more than 1,000 site visits). KBC uses this expertise to help clients establish goals and objectives, identify giving priorities, and design grant programs or special initiatives.


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